Nancy McLeod Jones

Nancy McLeod Jones

Hi! I’m Nancy

Hi! I’m Nancy.

Welcome to my page! This Jones House was born from a desire to make artful homes. I have always enjoyed seeing different architectural styles and working on houses. My parents owned a quaint 1888 Victorian home in south Louisiana, where we lived until I was six.  I have fond memories of that beautiful old house. My mom would tell you it was challenging to live in because the house was such a fixer-upper, but I am (still) enamored with its 12-foot ceilings, wavy glass windows, and original wood floors. My parents have lived in a few houses since that old Louisiana charmer, and I have owned two with my husband. All these houses became our homes, all a little different than the others; but as a family, we worked on each one to get it just the way we wanted. I guess you could say that home renovation is in my blood. My husband worked as a carpenter for many years, so the two of us combined means we can take on just about anything.

A more recent photo of my childhood home in Louisiana.

Our current home is a 1940 Colonial Revival in Great Falls, Montana. It wasn’t much to look at when we bought it, appearing a bit haunted and very dingy. I look back now and think, “We were crazy!” However, I saw the potential at the very first showing. It is a beautiful and simple house. It isn’t ornate like the grand Victorians and American Foursquares that line our street. And we love it.

This Jones House when we bought it, June 2019.

We nicknamed the house “This Jones House” shortly after purchasing, partly because our last name is Jones, and partly because we watch “This Old House.” A LOT. We’ve learned about old windows, hardwood floors, masonry, and carpentry while watching those shows and have built our skills and tackled jobs we never thought we’d do. For example, I can now mud and tape sheetrock. I can tile. And I am a pretty good painter. 

So, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Let me know what I can do for you!

-Nancy Jones

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