Nancy Jones is based in Great Falls, Montana. She is a wife and mom who has a passion for making unique spaces that work for families. Her and her husband have worked on several home renovations, including their own Colonial Revival restoration. Nancy’s background in art coupled with her love for old houses inspired her to begin This Jones House. Together we can make artful homes.

Making: As a child, I loved to make. I made houses for roly-polies from LEGO bricks, I made friendship bracelets from embroidery thread, I made gifts for friends, and I made LOTS of art. I still love to make. Now, I want to make homes where families love to gather and live life together. Let’s make the most of it!

Artful: I’ve been an artist, and I’ve taught young artists. One thing I taught my students is that art is an outward expression of you. The same goes for your home. Your home is a piece of artwork. When you think of art elements like color, texture, balance, and so on, your home needs those elements too. I can help you make your home an artful expression of you and your style. Let’s make art!

Homes: A house is just construction materials arranged in a structural plan. A home is a house filled with the togetherness of family and all the joy and craziness that entails. Your home should be a functional place where you and your family can relax, work, play, and experience life. Let’s make your home work best for you!